Marijuana: Illegal Federally, and in Texas

Although millions of Americans use marijuana on a daily basis for fun and pleasure, one must not forget that the controlled substance is still considered a dangerous drug by the Federal Government and the State of Texas.

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Marijuana is not only illegal, but considered a very dangerous and highly addictive drug per the United States government.

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Depending on how much marijuana you are caught with, if accused of marijuana possession by law officers, you could be looking at a few days in jail, a small fine, both, or a long 10-20 year sentence in the penitentiary.

Although people feel that marijuana isn’t bad or worth criminal prosecution as a corrective measure, the criminal courts differ from this standpoint and treat the case like any other drug crime. If you’ve been arrested for a drug possession offense, talk with a lawyer who has experience defending the criminally accused in the court of law.