Texas Criminal Penalties for Drunk Drivers

If you were arrested and charged with the crime of drunk driving in Houston or somewhere else in Texas, you’re in a ton of trouble. Texas is dedicated to prosecuting accused DWI offenders to the fullest extent of law. What does this mean for accused drunk drivers? It means they’ll need to hire a DWI lawyer. That’s the best way to get the charged dropped, get not guilty verdict at a jury trial, or at least get he charges reduced. If you hire a good DWI attorney, that one of those outcomes should be the goal.

What’s the penalty for a Texas DWI Conviction?

It Depends on the Classification of the Offense

In general, DWI offenses are misdemeanor criminal cases that carry a maximum of a 1 year county jail time with a potential fine of up to four thousand dollars. Also, there are other huge fees associated with the suspension of your Texas Driver License which include renewal surcharges are other fees.

Felony Drunk Driving Offenses

A person will be charged with felony Driving While Intoxicated if any of the following are true;

  • the person is a habitual DWI offender,
  • their was an injury or death as a result of Driving While Intoxicated,
  • or if there was a child present in the vehicle while the adult driver was intoxicated.

A conviction for one of the above offenses could result in prison time that ranges from anywhere to 6 months in a state jail facility up to life in a TDCJ operated prison facility.

Hiring a Houston DWI Lawyer

You’ll Need One for a Texas DWI Case

If you’re in a pickle with the law, your best chance of any type of reprieve is to hire a criminal defense lawyer that specialized in Houston DWI defense. Tad Nelson, an experienced Houston DWI Lawyer, is the attorney of choice for folks that know of him and his many successes defending people charged with crime related to impaired driving. For help or to talk with Tad, call his office today at 713-489-7373.

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