How to Find the Right Divorce Lawyer in Texas?

Marriages may be made in heaven but not all marriages last. Some break-up for good reasons and some, for reasons are never understood. Sometimes, a divorce is the best option in a marriage that doesn’t work but most often divorce is a hard option to go through. It leads to a lot of stress and emotional upheaval to both spouses.

A divorce not only affects the two spouses but also everyone else involved. If you have supporting families, a divorce can heal more easily. Sometimes the separation is mutual, but sometimes it is brought upon by only one party, while the other is unwilling. This is when a divorce can get pretty ugly.

Divorce processes can sometimes be a quick process or last a very long time in Texas. Through all of this, it is best that you get a divorce lawyer that you are comfortable with. You want someone with a whole lot of expertise in dealing with divorce cases such as yours and also divorce cases in general.

So how does one go about this process of picking out a good divorce lawyer?

Family Law and Divorce in Texas

The first wise thing to do would be to go through a list of general attorneys and further make another list of the ones you will finally choose from. Referrals and comments from friends will help greatly in this step. At this website, look at lists in the local phone directories or over the internet. Avvo is a good source for attorneys and referrals as well as reviews. If you know of someone who has used any lawyers’ services, you could start from there.

How to Find the Right Divorce Lawyer in Texas?

Use forums

There are also several divorce forums that discuss lawyers, their demeanors and their services. Get yourself enlisted in a forum such as this and participate in the discussions. You can have any of your questions answered as well. General lawyer fees and processes will also be discussed here, and it is most helpful to be guided in this manner.

Make a list

Once you have chosen a small list of lawyers who you think are right, go ahead and inquire about them through referrals if possible. You will then need to go ahead and contact the state bar association, which is addressed differently in each country.


Here you can inquire on the background of these lawyers and their history with other cases and also if they have any sort of disciplinary actions taken against them. This information should be enough in helping to narrow down your list and finally pick a lawyer.


The next natural step would be to schedule an appointment with your chosen attorney. As they are all very busy, it is best to call in advance and pick a time to meet with him or her.

This interaction will confirm if your choice was good or not. Make sure to ask the experience he or she has in divorce cases and whether she has handled a case like yours. It is also important to ask his fees as it can be an overwhelming amount if you don’t account for it.

All in all, you need a divorce lawyer who you will trust and will listen to what you have to say.

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