Controlling the Gang Problem in Houston

Although it is sad that young people don’t understand the important of staying out of the criminal justice system, there are organizations that work to prevent juvenile crimes in the first place. Stop Houston Gangs is an organization dedicated to ensuring that the young people of the greater Houston community are exposed to a different pathway in life.

The Mayor’s Anti-Gang Office provides programs and services for at-risk, delinquent and adjudicated youth and their families. Its mission is to assist in the prevention and intervention of gang involvement and juvenile delinquency through direct services, collaboration, education and awareness, and policy development.

Also, on the website, is a resource for young people who may be considering the joining of a criminal street gang. The information is for the purpose of educating the youth on the dangers of gang life in attempt to help them make make the right decision when it comes to joining a gang in Houston.

As you can see, gangs in Houston are very dangerous and as a community we need to do as much as we can to prevent our young men and women from joining the ranks of criminal street gangs.

Prevention is worth a pound of cure, and the same is true as it relates to making sure our youth are given the best chance to succeed in life and that doesn’t include partaking in criminal gang activity.