Burglary Charges are Bad for Freedom

Defendants facing criminal charges for an offense as bold as burglary know that stress levels can raise to insurmountable levels when facing the seriousness of the prison time that will follow a conviction, in addition to the permanent criminal record that will be generated in the name of the accused, if not already in existence, if convicted of burglary.

A Crucial Situation for the Defendant

The situation is real – in these instances making a season Texas criminal defense attorney the flavor of the day. Whether you’re trying to stay out of jail and avoid losing large chunks of your lifetime due to incarceration, or if you’re innocent, the best attorney in Houston may not be enough to keep you from being found guilty if the evidence removes reasonable doubt. Harris County jurors don’t take too kindly to people burglarizing the homes of others. Taking something that someone else worked for, stealing, is one of the most hated and oldest crimes in the history of mankind, and is prosecuted as such in the state of Texas.

The Best Attorney For The Case

If you have the right lawyer on your side is likely because they’ve defended people who have been charged with suspicion of burglary, but not yet convicted. These attorneys know how to work the courts, know the details and standards dictated by the law for conviction, and they also understand how to effectively articulate to a jury how common it is for the Houston Police Department to arrest the wrong person for burglary.

A Definition of Burglary

The definition of burglary in the state of Texas would be entering the property of a nonconsenting owner with the intent to commit a felony, theft, or any form of assaultive offense. This also applies if you attempted to remain concealed in the building to avoid detection for the purpose of committing another crime in addition to entering a building and attempting, or attempting, to commit a felony, theft, or any type of assault.

Criminal Penalties For Burglary (Texas)

State jail felony and second-degree felony criminal charges will apply to persons convicted of burglary. Depending on the severity of the crime, and whether or not the offense with attempted upon a habitation, will determine if second-degree felony charges are sought by prosecutors or seeking a conviction on the criminal charges that were filed against you by law enforcement.

Burglary Defense Lawyer’s Have More Info

If you’ve been accused, arrested, or believe you have been suspected of burglarizing a habitation or other property, a phone call to an experienced burglary charge defense lawyer is the next step to take.