Avoid Prison, Hire the Best Criminal Lawyer

Many people who are convicted of a crime usually must go to jail or prison to serve out a sentence. However, before a person can be sent away to do their time, they are given the right to legal representation. It may not be the best legal representation by one of the best Houston lawyers, but representation nonetheless. According to the Sixth Amendment of the United States Constitution, a person has the right to an attorney. This is a part of the Assistance of Counsel Clause that is included with the Sixth Amendment.

It’s Best To Remain Silent

Now, we all have watched at least one television show where a person has been arrested. Many of us have even been arrested at least one time in life. The point is that when a police officer arrests a person they usually read them their Miranda Rights. These rights were granted in response to the Fifth and Sixth Amendments. In other words, if the police do not read a person these rights; they will be violating a person’s Fifth and Sixth Amendment Constitutional Rights.

A Right To An Attorney

One thing that cops state with a person’s Miranda Rights is for them to have the right to an attorney and if they cannot afford an attorney, one will be provided for them. Having legal representation within the court of law is important for all people whether they are guilty or not guilty. Criminal defense lawyers ensure that people are not being wrong prosecuted even if they are wrong.

Before a person is sent off to prison they should have some type of legal representation in court. A criminal defense lawyer can ensure that a person is receiving too harsh of a penalty for the crime or crimes that they have committed. A criminal defense lawyer can also be a great value for people who are not guilty. They can prove their client’s innocence if there is enough evidence to support their claim.

It’s Best To Defend Your Rights

If a person is found guilty, a criminal defense lawyer will able to make sure that they are being prosecuted under the sentencing guidelines pertaining to the type of crime that they committed. They can also ensure that their client is not being manipulated by the courts, a judge, prosecutors and jurors on a particular case. Bennett & Bennett, Houston Criminal-Defense Lawyers, are adamant about the rights of the accused.

States such as Texas have very high crime rates and people who are accused of some type of criminal activity will need legal counsel. The Texas Department of Criminal Justice System (TDCJ) is an organization that helps to ensure that people who are accused of crimes have legal representation when they stand before a judge.

Some people might reject this type of help but it is to their advantage not to. The City of Houston has its problems with crime. Criminal defense lawyers within this city are often kept busy assisting clients in their effort to stay out of prison.

Many of professional Houston, TX defense attorneys are knowledgeable about the court system. They often help their clients to get the best deals possible in terms of sentencing or they can help them to completely avoid jail, if they are truly found innocent of a crime.

People that have been locked up behind bars can also use the services of a criminal defense lawyer to still fight their case, long after they have been sentenced. This type of situation happens more often than not. There plenty of people behind bars who still continue to fight for their freedom.

Once again, a few of them have been wrongly accused of a crime that they did not commit. Having a defense lawyer to continue working on their case is instrumental to pleading their innocence. This is one of the reasons why defense lawyers are extremely important to the whole entire legal process within the United States.

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